How to make homemade burgers

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If there is one thing that tastes better when it’s made at home, it’s a burger. The trend for gourmet burgers continues, and while it’s lovely to dine out, sometimes you can achieve the same or a better result at a fraction of the price in your own kitchen, and spend some relaxed, quality time with your family and friends in the process.

All you need to create fabulous homemade burgers is a few well-chosen pieces of kitchenware, some fresh ingredients and some salad, buns and extras of you choosing.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite burger recipes, and a video showing you how to whip together fantastic homemade burgers using our burger press. Take it from us, once you’ve owned one you’ll never go back!


Spicy lean beef burgers

Spicy Beef Burger Recipe

Chickpea and coriander burger

Chickpea and Coriander Burger Recipe

Cajun turkey burgers

Cajun Turkey Burger Recipe

Spicy Thai chicken burgers

Thai Chicken Burgers

Beetroot and lentil burgers

Fresh beetroot lentil vegan burger with baked vegetables and sun-dried tomatoes, selective focus