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Add a boost of happiness to your day with a motivational slogan mugs, a touch of elegance with our pretty ‘teacup’ style footed mugs or a patriotic pop of colour with our Union Jack mugs.

 Footed Mugs

 Available in contemporary designs including Damask, Paisley and Floral these tasteful ‘teacup’ style mugs are a generous size and will look lovely on the coffee table.

Union Jack Mugs

These classic mugs will look great in any vintage, themed or modern kitchen and are a great little size. In classic union jack colours or in shades of blue and grey this style mug also comes in a sweet heart design.

Slogan Mugs

Perfect for an afternoon pick me up these charming mugs feature a selection of motivational and whimsical quotes including:

‘Rule #1: Do whatever makes you happy’

‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’

‘I’m not lazy, I’m just very relaxed’

Spot & Stripe Mugs

These cheery mugs with classic polka dot or stripe design style are guaranteed to become a favourite. Available in blue, red and white designs.