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Make baking at home as easy as pie with these top tips and tricks…

  1. Place your cake as close to the centre of the oven as possible to allow for air circulation, this will help it bake evenly and prevent sinking.
  1. Get perfectly even cupcakes every time by using a slightly oiled ice-cream scoop. This also works with cookie dough; just flatten them down slightly before baking.
  1. Soften butter in seconds without a microwave or saucepan by simply placing the butter on a plate and putting a warm glass over the top.
  1. Mould cookie dough around the bottom of  a muffin tin to make individual cookie bowls for ice cream.
  1. Cut cake perfectly using a warm knife. By doing this the cake will not clump together or stick to the edges.
  1. Use wet hands to work with fudge and oats. This will stop it sticking to your hands and will make it easier to mold in to the shape you want.
  1. Grate cold butter into flour when making pastry for even and easy blending
  1. Create swirly frosting for your cakes by using two piping bags with one tip.
  1. For perfectly flat cakes, leave them to cool up side down. This is especially useful when layering sponge cake.
  1. Use a pastry brush to butter cake tins.
  1. Use applesauce or very ripe bananas as a fat substitute.
  1. Make healthy chocolate brownies by substituting flour with black beans.

Have you got your own baking tips? If so we would love to hear them in the comments below!